Emotional Behaviors

Research shows that most aggressive behaviors occur within five minutes of a high-energy transition (class changes, recess, PE, etc.) Resolve the aggression by:

  • Turning off the lights and putting on a 60-watt bulb lamp on the teacher’s deskEmotional
  • Putting a thought provoking question on the board about the next topic. Ask all students to contemplate the answer. Every student will need a response when the lights return
  • Play three minutes of 60-beats-per-minute music (resting heart beat)
  • You can download samples of nature videos with 60 beats per minute at my youtube page. Click the edit button and you can download them to your computer in MP4 format.
  • At one of Dr. Riffel’s schools, they exhibited 47 aggressive acts per day in their alternative school. After she helped put these three interventions in place, they re-examined the data after one month. The data showed only 2 aggressive acts one month later.

Fluorescent Lights

Research also suggests that fluorescent lights set off behavior in some students. Installing the light panels has shown a decrease office discipline referrals.

Read more about the link between fluorescent lights and behavior:

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