Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

We can customize a keynote or breakout session to suit your needs. Here are some of our more popular breakout sessions and keynotes:

  • The Ten Rules of Behavior
    • Filled with the top ten rules that govern behavior.
    • Filled with real world examples and stories to help learners remember the points
  • Positive Interventions and Effective Strategies
    • This can be focused on the following based on your needs:
      • Student/Teacher relationships
      • Reinforcers
      • FBA Data Tool Introduction
      • Triple T- Triple R – Behavior Planning using a Guided Tool
        • Understanding Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence
      • Universal Behavior Screening
      • Having Fun with PBIS
      • Group Contingencies-Group Reinforcers
      • Quantum Secrets for Learners with Autism
      • Non-Medicated Interventions for Learners with ADHD
      • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
      • Learning Disabilities
      • Transition Cues

We can gear a breakout session or Keynote to suit your needs. This must be cleared with Dr. Riffel at least one month prior to the engagement. Many times, new materials must be written to suit the situation. This is not a problem if we have time to develop materials.

To see a list of all sessions available by Behavior Doctor Seminars click this link: