Links to Items Demonstrated in Seminars

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People have asked me if I can compile a listing of some of the “show and tell” I use in my presentations.  I linked everything through Amazon. You can use these links to purchase the items, or use the links when you are searching for items when using – If you purchase items through these links, Behavior Doctor Seminars will get credit and the credits will be used to purchase more items to demonstrate during seminars. You will be leaving this website and going directly to Amazon.


These are air-filled disks used to help students gain proprioceptive input when sitting on hard surfaces.

This is one of the watches I show for two things 1) to remind you to give positive behavior specific praise or 2) to help students with ADHD-Inattentive to self-regulate and make sure they are present.

This is the artificial grass bathmat.  I use this for two things 1) children with autism as a weighted lap mat and 2) cut into squares as fidget tools for impulsiveness.

These are the porcupine balls I give out during most seminars to help you pay attention. They are perfect fidget tools.

These are the three-minute timers I give out when I talk about TUMS.  Many people want them for particular students.

This is the Heart Rate Watch.  I demonstrate this when I delve into Oppositional Defiant Disorder and aggressive behaviors. Children use this to self-regulate and bring their heart rate down.

This is the first book I wrote for Corwin.  It focuses on tier three interventions.

This is second book I wrote for Corwin.  It focuses on tier two interventions.

These are the standing work-stations I share when I talk about students wanting to get proprioceptive input.  You could purchase a few of these through