Positive Interventions and Effective Strategies for Parents

Want to see an example of Dr. Riffel’s humor and ability to teach about behavior? Watch this short video

Overview: Training for parents to provide behavioral techniques.

Audience: parents and school personnelparent and son


Presentations can last two hours or all day.

The presentation handouts will be sent to you for printing. Each participant needs their own handout.


  • Overview of Positive Behavior Support
  • Main components of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Maximizing proactive strategies rather than reactive actions
  • Key factors: Increase appropriate behavior by 80% just by doing one thing
  • Sticking with it:  There is a magic formula for how long to stick with an intervention. Find out what that formula is.
  • Frogs: What the heck do frogs have to do with behavior?  Find out from this seminar.
  • Interventions you can take back and use tomorrow at home.
  • Quick ways to document the function behind the behavior.
  • The best sentence in the world to use when you are calling the school to ask them to sit down and talk about a behavior problem.
  • Information about who should be in on a behavior support team meeting and what should be talked about first and foremost

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