School-wide PBIS – Targeted Group Training

Want to see an example of Dr. Riffel’s humor and ability to teach about behavior? Watch this short video

Training for small groups of students who do not respond to universal level supportsmale student with folder


Targeted Group Team Members: Training can be for whole school or for PBIS team members who will be the PBIS team for Targeted Group


Targeted Group Training is a two-day training usually given one year after the universal training.

  • A presentation time of 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. works best.
  • A link will be sent for the booklet required for this training. You will need to print a booklet for each participant
  • Dr. Riffel will link the PowerPoint presentation the day of the training for participants.
  • Classroom style setting for participants (they will be writing and participating in group discussions.)
  • If more than 50 participants, Dr. Riffel will need a lavaliere (lapel) microphone and the ability to link to a sound system for video clips that illustrate specific points. (Dr. Riffel cannot hold a microphone for an extended period of time or stand in one place as she demonstrates with actual materials and through audience interaction.)
  • An extra table up front is required for demonstration materials.



This training is based on Igniting the Passion of Classroom Management Through Behavioral Interventions That Work: Tier Two Strategies. However, the second day of this training will go through all the scenarios for over 30 different triggers and show how they are environmental, replacement behaviors, or reframed responses to behavior. Staff will leave with plans for integrating this into their PBIS program.

For more information check out this booklet from the National Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports It explains the process we will be beginning in this training.

  • Targeted Group training is for those students who are resistant to universal support.
  • This training will focus on classroom management
  • Check In/Check Out
  • Student Teacher Rating Sheet
  • Booster Shots for Universal Supports that may have lagged:
  • Gotchas
  • Consistency
  • Data usage
  • Interventions specifically geared for ADHD students
  • Interventions specifically geared for LD students
  • Interventions specifically geared for ODD students
  • Interventions specifically geared for ASD students
  • Interventions for gaining support from community members
  • Interventions for gaining support from parents
  • Interventions for gaining support from transportation

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