Classroom Management: Tier Two Strategies (Two Day Seminar)

Classroom Management Strategies: Tier Two Interventions (Two Day Seminar)

Little has been published on the tier two level of PBIS. This two-day training focuses on building a repository in your school for site-based interventions that are evidence based or research based strategies. We will go into detail about interventions you can use in the classroom and why they work.  Participants will learn generic strategies for:

  • Academic Struggles
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy
  • Argumentative
  • Bullying
  • Disorganization
  • Disruptive Outbursts
  • Homework Issues
  • Impulsiveness
  • Inattentiveness
  • Memory Issues
  • Negativity
  • Non-compliance
  • Off-task behaviors
  • Personal Space Issues
  • Self-esteem (Lack of)
  • Sensory Input
  • sleepiness in Class
  • Social Skills Deficit
  • Stress
  • talking
  • Tantrums
  • Tardies
  • Transition difficulties

Participants will learn the Ten Rules that Govern Behavior along with a behavior planning tool that will help them develop an effective plan for each student. When planning for behavior change, we need to know the summary statement. We need to know the “when”, “what”, and “why”. We developed a tool to help educators plan for this behavior change by creating the Triple T- Triple R Chart.


Participants will learn how to fill out this chart and ensure they have a multi-modal plan that will ameliorate the behaviors in the classroom.  This is best for a two-day seminar. If you choose the one-day seminar, we will be giving an overview of how to use the book with a few examples. If you choose the two-day seminar, we will go into deeper detail about how each intervention works in the classroom. Examples will be given for Pre-K through High School.



  Here is a suggested agenda for a two-day training. It can be adjusted to suit your needs.

 First Day Training:

8:00-8:30- Registration

8:30-10:00- Ten Rules of Behavior

10:00-10:15- Break

10:15-10:30- Universal Screening

10:30-11:30- Braided Classroom Management

11:30-12:45- Lunch

12:45-2:00- Universal Classroom Management – Revising the Environment- Replacing the Behavior- and Reframing the Response

2:00-2:15- Break

2:15-3:30- Strategies and How to Build a Repository of Interventions


Second Day Training:

8:30-9:00- Using the Triple T- Triple R Chart

9:00-10:00- Anxiety – Revising the Environment- Replacing the Behaviors- Reframing the Response

10:00-10:15- Break

10:15-11:30- Apathy, Argumentative, Bullying, Disorganization, Disruptive Outbursts

11:30-12:45- Lunch

12:45-2:00- Homework, Impulsiveness, Inattentiveness, Non-compliance, Off task Behavior, Self-Esteem, Sensory, Tantrums, Tardies

2:00-2:15- Break

2:15-3:30- Using Literature to teach Social Skills and Reinforcement