If you are seeking seamless clothing for adults or children with sensory issues, we have found has excellent materials. Therafirm products are comfortable and seamless. Judy McCarter knows first hand how difficult in can be for parents and teachers to understand children withJudy McCarter sensory challenges. Her earliest memories center around too itchy clothes, sicken smells and turbulent car rides. Now an Occupational Therapist  in private practice in Tulsa, OK, McCarter provides solutions to children who face similar issues. As an associate of Behavior Doctor Seminars, McCarter provides functional occupational performance through student initiated motivation and interests, developing adaptive life skills, encouraging health and wellness, facilitating transactional  social  engagement opportunities with peers, staff and others in the community, and improving quality of life through self- advocacy and self- awareness. Her book, written for educators who work with children with sensory processing disorder, is tabbed below in a convenient format for those who deal with sensory challenges. Contact Judy McCarter at
I would like to introduce myself as an associate of Dr. Riffel’s.  My name is Judy McCarter and I have chosen the professional of occupational therapy because of my search for answers resulting from my own sensory processing disorder.  When I was a child, teenager and young adult I used to think I was crazy because the way I processed and interpreted sensory information was different from my family, friends and peers.  READ MORE
These are just a few samples of what is available on the material download page. All PowerPoints, Booklets, Forms and Tools are available now in one area.

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